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Birchwood Nursery School

Our Curriculum Intent

At Birchwood Nursery School and Preschool, we recognise that every child is unique and each cohort of children is distinctive. Every child brings something different with them when they join our school and we embrace this richness and diversity within the Birchwood community. We know that our children enter Preschool and Nursery with varied life experience and cultural capital and we aim to provide child- centred learning experiences and opportunities in order for all children to achieve their potential and to become independent and lifelong learners.

We provide a safe, rich and varied learning environment both inside and outside. We deliver a curriculum, ensuring it meets the statutory requires of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum in order to the needs and interests of our current children. The curriculum provides opportunities to develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge of our children and to help them become successful learners, preparing them for life in a modern world and empower them to achieve success in the future.

Our Mission Statement says that ‘A secure and happy child today promotes a fulfilled, independent adult of tomorrow’ and through this we believe our children should be:

Independent, Curious, Confident, Resilient, Thoughtful, Decision Makers, Explorative, Tolerant, Respectful, Self- Regulators, Communicators, Caring, Persistent, Creative, Risk Takers, Sociable, Eco-Warriors, Kind, Friendly

We have recently achieved our Communication Friendly Award and communication is at the forefront of all that we do. All children are encouraged to express their needs and wants by either verbalising, pictures cues, or gestures. We believe all children have the right to be listened to and heard by the adults and they find ways to communicate with them in a developmentally appropriate manner.